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We are your partner helping you navigate a disruptive and changing profesional world with more than 70 career focussed CPD topics, including:

  • Emotional intelligence, 
  • Leading vs. Managing,
  • Fraud Prevention, Detection and Response, 
  • Developing your digital mindset,
  • Demystifying Artificial Intelligence, 
  • Blockchain for Global Supply Chain, 
  • MBAExpress: Smarter Decision Making, 
  • MBAExpress: Risk Management, 
  • MBAExpress: Masterful Marketing, 
  • MBAExpress: Creativity and Innovation.

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Most Popular

Discover 21 tips to change your budgeting process that results in a detailed one year budget, to a planning process resulting in a strategic, progressive and long-term achievement of your goals. Identify best practices and review common budget problems.

Enhance data analysis with Power Pivot. Learn how to build a data model, add data and perform calculations. Features reviewed include Data model, Calculations, Hierarchies and KPI’s. Practical applications to perform accounting and finance tasks for professionals.

Offering finance professionals an advanced application-based approach to finance business partnering, the appropriate skills to effectively communicate and influence business decision and the key techniques to aid in strategic decision-making.

Understand the difference between IQ and EQ to get ahead and manage business relationships better. Identify the 5 attributes of emotional intelligence and learn 4 steps to increase your emotional intelligence and better your decision-making process.

Digital mindsets are reported to be one of the key barriers in the initial adaption of technology, its full use, and exploiting the opportunities it presents. Covering topics such as digital technologies, growth mindset, future of finance and accounting to ensure your business thrive.

Overview of risk management and the various types of risk management processes. Identify sources of risk and know if your business is risk-averse or risk aggressive. Being proactive in anticipating and managing risks is a matter high importance for any organization.


Learn about different types of wallets, with a focus on the security of digital assets. Gain knowledge about the various ways of securing digital assets including multisig wallets, two-factor authentication and password manager as well as capitalization of crypto assets.

Understand the project management process from building a business case and planning, to execution and managing your team. Planning Executing Monitoring Closing Ten project management knowledge areas, The Triangle of Truth Change management.

Fraud can be extremely costly. Ensure your company is not a victim. Learn about common warning signs of fraud, and prevention techniques to protect your company. Define the fraud triangle and determine where the greatest opportunity for committing fraud is.

Examine best practices of leading-edge controllers and CFO’s. Learn ten specific skills every CFO or controller needs to be profitable, so you can add value and contribute to the success of your organization. Be the leader that your business needs you to be.

Activity-based costing (ABC) increases understanding of overheads and cost drivers and makes costly and non-value adding activities more visible, allowing managers to reduce or eliminate them. Identify how costs will behave at different activity levels.

Gain the skills used by the finance function for project appraisal, investments analysis and capital planning. Learn about investment appraisal techniques and apply annuities and perpetuities to calculate the present values of cashflows that occur over long periods.

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